Well, there have been some good flying days over the past month with quite a lot of really rubbish ones too. Many thanks to Paul and Rob who supplied me with some great pictures.

Here’s a picture from one day that turned out beautifully calm and sunny but started with a bit of rain, hence the cover over my plane in the foreground and Pete scanning the skies for any further signs of precipitation.

Paul was working out the niggles with his recently acquired Ultimate Bipe.
Although the power was adequate, it wasn’t quite up to Paul standards. So maybe we’ll see some changes up front.

Here she is flying and you’ll notice that this shot is from above. It is a movie-still taken by one of Rob’s planes.

Rob managed to catch quite a few fleeting moments of other aircraft passing through his camera’s field of view.

…And here is Rob getting ready to start his WOT4, which he can usually manage with a quick back-flip of the spinner. This is a trick I first saw Russell do with one of my planes.

Alan just getting his Majestic Major ready for lift off. This is a lovely thing to fly and we had some great goes with it.